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Data Centre World 2020 summary

Cross-Guard enjoyed a successful exhibition at Data Centre World this year, connecting with a variety of professionals within the IT and Tech industry. If you were unable to make the event, the company has shared a quick summary video for you to catch up on what happened. You’ll notice from the video that our popcorn machine was a hit – we served lots of popcorn within those two days – and our competition also generated lots of interest, where visitors were invited to try and break into a glass safe.

Summary video on Data Centre World

Security cages and aisle containment solutions

As a global exhibition, Data Centre World is the perfect place to showcase solutions and systems that can be implemented to enhance businesses worldwide. Cross-Guard attended the event to showcase its security caging, cold aisle containment, and Ventis server safe on stand D1180.

Cross-Guard offers two types of security caging: the Connexions brand of security cages, which are versatile and high-strength, and the Extendor brand of security cages, which are certified to varying levels of attack resistance.

The company decided to install a sample of its Connexions caging on stand, as this is most popular for use in data centres, due to the varying hole patterns available for different levels of strength and server ventilation. The Connexions cage sample highlighted the potential for clients to request a cage custom to their needs, in multiple colours with the option for their logo lasered into panels.

Within the Connexions caging, Cross-Guard also installed a cold aisle containment system with server cabinets either side. The cold aisle containment system was Cross-Guard’s latest aluminium cold aisle, known for its aesthetically pleasing and light-weight properties. To read more about the features and benefits of this cold aisle containment, you can read our aluminium cold aisle containment article.

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Cross-Guard’s security caging, cold aisle and Ventis showcased on stand

Ventis server security safe

Cross-Guard’s Ventis server security safe was also available on stand for visitors to look at. The high-security server safe is a robust, market-leading solution for server security. To highlight it’s high-strength properties and to create discussion points around the safe, Cross-Guard ran a ‘Safe Hacker’ competition. The competition involved hacking into a glass safe, where the need for real security was highlighted. The Ventis server safe is manufactured for unrivalled protection.

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