Premium Coolgenic cold aisle doors

The Coolgenic cold aisle containment system comes with a range of different cold aisle door options, depending on preference and suitability. All cold aisle doors are manufactured in-house to the highest standards and can be installed by our dedicated team of installers.

Our Coolgenic cold aisle containment doors can be retrofitted to any system you currently have in place. Available in a wide range of colours, the cold aisle doors are powder coated in Pale Grey (RAL 7035) as standard.

Cross-Guard also supplies Coolgenic cold aisle roofs.

Coolgenic door options for your cold aisle enclosure

The following door options are available for your cold aisle enclosure:

Bi-sliding cold aisle doors are our most popular option with clients using single sliding or hinged cold aisle doors primarily in situations where space is too limited for a bi-sliding cold aisle door. Connexions cold aisle doors are used in circumstances where the client requires an additional level of security.

Bi-sliding and Connexions secure doors

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Supplied with various hardware options (including electromagnetic locks, key operated locks, or lock combinations), Connexions sliding or hinged self-closing doors use polycarbonate vision panels to increase LUX levels in your cold aisle without compromising security. These doors can be installed on cabinets of any type/size as they are available in a variety of sizes (width and height).

Exhaust air is directed through a separate pathway to the ACU intake to prevent it mixing with cold air.
Installing doors and fully enclosing the hot aisle will achieve best results with a variety of cabinet panels available:
– Framed Polycarbonate panels
– Solid steel panels
– PVC curtains

Bi-sliding cold aisle doors

Bi-sliding light cold aisle doors are self-closing. With a soft close and speed control, these doors contain 4mm Perspex vision panels to aid with lighting. They are available in steel or aluminium.

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Single sliding cold aisle doors

The single sliding cold aisle doors are similar to the bi-sliding doors but with one door and different sized leafs. These self-closing doors also have a soft close and speed control. Key operated and electronic lock options are available on request.

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Hinged cold aisle doors

Hinged cold aisle doors work well for restricted spaces as additional room is not required for the door to slide out. With 4mm Perspex vision panels, these self-closing doors have a speed control and soft close. Locking options are available on request, including key operated and electronic.

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Connexions Secure Cold Aisle Doors

Connexions cold aisle doors have a solid lower panel and a perforated upper half with 38mm square holes that are backed with Perspex for light/vision but not air. As with other door options, these are self-closing with a speed control and a soft close. You can request key operated or electronic locking options.

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Cold aisle containment doors should be used in combination with roofs to fully seal a cold aisle enclosure. You can visit our dedicated cold aisle roof page to find out more about our range of fire compliant cold aisle roof options.

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