Cold aisle containment & fire suppression in your data centre

Cold aisle containment systems: bespoke to all clients

With data centre cabinets of all shapes and sizes, clients are increasingly requiring bespoke cold aisle containment systems that can fit the available space. Cross-Guard has worked various bespoke cold aisle projects for clients across the globe, ensuring the cold aisle containment systems are made to measure and form a complete seal around the cold aisle, using infill panels as necessary. Cross-Guard’s specialist team of cold aisle containment installers continue to deliver exceptional service with minimal disruption to client’s operations.

Cold aisle containment systems

Cold aisle containment

How fire suppression works for cold aisle containment systems

Fire safety is always an important consideration for any data centre when implementing a cold aisle containment system. All Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems can be implemented in a way that doesn’t prohibit or restrict gas or water suppression, giving you peace of mind when it comes to health and safety, although appropriate adjustments will need to be made. You’ll need to enlist the help of a third party if you’ve chosen to arrange for the cold aisle containment roof to link to your existing fire suppression system.

Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems come with a variety of different cold aisle roof options to suit the client and the space available. Roofs for cold aisle containment systems are of two different varieties. There are standard cold aisle fixed roof panels where fire suppression needs setting up inside the cold aisle, and then there are panels that drop in the event of a fire (allowing gas or liquid suppression access from your existing system), and panels that are connected to your fire suppression system and automatically open when it triggers.

Case study of a bespoke cold aisle containment system roof

This article will examine some of Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment system roof options, but first we’ll take a look at a bespoke example of a cold aisle roof that the company designed on request.

Cross-Guard’s standard cold aisle containment roofs are available in a series of different set sizes, but this does not mean the company is limited or restricted just to these sizes. With the expertise of its specialist engineering department, the company works with clients to develop the most suitable and practical cold aisle containment system to fit their data centre space and to achieve the client’s aims. The team at Cross-Guard are well accustomed to developing cold aisle containment systems for even the most challenging environments.

A good example of a bespoke cold aisle containment system was when Cross-Guard was approached by a client with very high server cabinets. Due to the height of the cabinets and the low roof of the room, there was only 100mm of remaining space at the top of the server cabinets, which would not have been enough for standard fire suppression hatches, as the client required an active cold aisle roof. Working with the client, Cross-Guard’s Engineering team designed slimmer cold aisle hatches that operated using a maglock pivot on a bar. This custom-made cold aisle fire suppression hatch used different types of maglock and door closes to pull it closed.

The client was pleased with the end result that made it possible for them to have a cold aisle containment system of their choice, despite the tall cabinets. This is just one example of where Cross-Guard has created a bespoke solution to suit the client and to tackle existing challenges. Below, this article includes a brief reminder of what other standard cold aisle containment roof options are available to clients.

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Cold aisle containment systems with active roofs

The active cold aisle roof is a popular choice for cold aisle containment systems. Cold aisle containment active roofs use specialist fire suppression hatches that link up to the existing fire suppression system in place in your data centre. The cold aisle hatches automatically open in the event of a fire to allow suppression into your data aisle. Cold aisle active roofs are easily maintained and highly effective.

Cold aisle containment systems with FM-approved shrinkable roofs

A relatively new addition to Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment portfolio, the FM-approved shrinkable cold aisle roof contains panels that shrink once specific temperature levels are reached, allowing fire suppression into the data aisle.

Cold aisle containment systems with collapsible roofs

The collapsible cold aisle roofs are not dissimilar to FM-approved shrinkable cold aisle roofs. Collapsible cold aisle roofs collapse when temperatures are at a certain level as there is a low temperature fusible link mechanism that melts. Once the fusible link mechanism melts, gas or liquid from your fire suppression system is allowed access into the aisle.

Cold aisle containment systems with fixed roofs

For fixed cold aisle containment roofs with cold aisle containment systems, you’ll need to arrange for fire suppression to be installed within the cold aisle itself, as these panels do not move. Fixed panels for cold aisle containment are fixed in place using stainless steel rods that are easily removed for any cleaning and maintenance.

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Do you require a cold aisle containment system for your data centre, or do you have further queries about fire suppression in cold aisle containment systems? Cross-Guard is a leading supplier of the Coolgenic brand of cold aisle containment. One of the core advantages of Coolgenic cold aisle containment is the fact that every cold aisle containment system is designed and manufactured bespoke. To find out more, either give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or email

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