Cold aisle containment doors: bigger and better solutions

What to look for when choosing a cold aisle containment door

When selecting a cold aisle containment system for your data centre, you need to ensure you work with a reputable company that will provide you with a complete cold aisle enclosure that segregates cold air, and seals off hot air, preventing mixing of air streams in the cold aisle. Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems are always supplied to the exact requirements of the client, including a cold aisle roof, cold aisle doors, and infill panels as required.

When choosing a cold aisle containment roof, your main priority will be safety, and how you wish the cold aisle containment roof to integrate with your fire suppression system. However, when choosing cold aisle containment doors, there are different factors to take into consideration, summarised in this article.

Data centre space for cold aisle containment doors

How much space you have available in your data centre will affect what cold aisle doors you can choose, for instance, whether or not you can have a bi-sliding cold aisle containment door, or if there’s only room for a hinged cold aisle containment door.

Data centre aesthetics and cold aisle containment doors

The ‘look and feel’ you wish to achieve for your data centre will be another factor that influences choice of cold aisle containment doors. You may wish to have elements of the cold aisle containment system powder-coated in a specific colour to blend with your data centre brand, which Cross-Guard can offer, or you may require a specific cold aisle containment door style. Cross-Guard offers aluminium and steel alternatives of its bi-sliding cold aisle containment doors, and it offers a variety of different aesthetically pleasing cold aisle containment door options.

Cold aisle containment visibility and flow of light

If you’d like to allow visibility and free flow of light, but not air, in your cold aisle containment unit, then you have a few options when it comes to Cross-Guard’s cold air containment systems. If you want an even balance of lighting, bi-sliding or single sliding cold aisle containment doors contain 4mm Perspex vision panels in a rectangular format from top to bottom. Alternatively, Cross-Guard’s Connexions cold aisle containment doors have a solid lower half, but the upper half of the door is perforated with 28mm secure holes that are backed with Perspex to prevent air entering the cold aisle.

Security of cold aisle containment doors

Cold aisle containment doors have various locking mechanisms to suit your needs. Cross-Guard’s Connexions cold aisle door is a popular choice for security, but the company also recently introduced a double-skinned, bi-sliding cold aisle containment door. This article reveals more about the newer, more resistant cold aisle door, which is manufactured to 38mm thickness of steel.

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Bigger and better cold aisle containment door options

Cross-Guard prides itself on continual improvement, always focussing on creating efficient, high-strength cold aisle containment systems that clients can put their faith in. Adapting to market needs and demands, and creating cold aisle containment systems that meet the needs of the future consumer, is something Cross-Guard is primarily focussed on.

In October last year, Cross-Guard’s engineers were hard at work designing a solution for ultimate strength. Traditionally, cold aisle containment doors are manufactured with 25mm thickness as an industry standard. By using two sheets of steel, Cross-Guard was able to create a double-skinned cold aisle containment door with 38mm thickness.

Compared to the existing bi-sliding cold aisle door with a 25mm thickness, the double skinned cold aisle containment door is stronger with higher resistance. The 38mm thick cold aisle containment door also benefits from a cleaner, sleeker design that is more appealing to the eye, since essential components are further masked from view by the thicker sheets of steel.

The double-skinned cold aisle containment doors have already been a hit with clients, presenting an attractive high-security solution. The stronger cold aisle containment doors offer enhanced server protection, giving an additional layer of server security to prevent theft and the potential for crippling fines.

Cold aisle containment double skinned door

Cold aisle containment double skinned door

Cold air containment door locking options

Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment doors are compatible with various locking mechanisms, depending on the style of door you choose. These locking mechanisms range from electromagnetic to standard key operation. Our dedicated page on cold aisle containment doors gives further information on the options available.

Cold aisle containment: never-ending enhancement

If you have a specific type of cold aisle containment door you’d like, or you require a cold aisle containment system that is a bit more bespoke, please do get in touch with us and our specialist CAD engineers can try to find a solution to suit. Cross-Guard specialises in the bespoke creation of cold aisle containment systems and security cages, so the company is well accustomed to dealing with unique requirements.

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Installation of cold aisle containment doors

Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems can be supplied direct, but the company also has a team of experts on hand for installation of the cold air containment systems. The team at Cross-Guard has over 20 years of experience supplying and installing cold aisle containment systems and data centre caging. In fact, clients have specifically requested Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment installers, as a testament to the service offered.

Get in touch about cold aisle containment

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