Aluminium cold aisle containment upgrades

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Cross-Guard’s aluminium cold aisle containment

Following the launch of Cross-Guard’s aluminium cold aisle containment at Data Centre World 2019, the Engineering team have been hard at work developing the aluminium cold aisle even further to offer clients additional benefits. Continual improvement is a key focus for Cross-Guard to ensure all products and services surpass client expectations and bring value to their business.

Aluminium cold aisle upgrades: changes so far

Since the launch of the aluminium cold aisle containment, you may have already read our news about some of the upgrades to Cross-Guard’s aluminium cold aisle containment, such as the replacement brackets for the accuride bottom rails, and the adaptation of the soft close functionality to display minimal components. These changes were made with the primary aim of enhancing the aluminium cold aisle’s aesthetic appeal even further. You can read more about these changes in the aluminium cold aisle article that was previously released.

Aluminium cold aisle upgrades: what’s new?

Recent changes to the aluminium cold aisle containment include the addition of a magnet to hold open the bi-sliding cold aisle doors – a ‘hold open’ cold aisle door functionality. If you open the cold aisle doors fully, the magnet will lock the doors back in place, so they stay open as long as you require. If you’re conducting maintenance work in your cold aisle and need unrestricted access with trolleys and any other equipment, this new cold aisle addition is ideal. A practical solution, the magnets in the aluminium cold aisle containment are also not visible from the outside, so will not impede on the sleek, professional finish of the product.

Cold aisle fixings at the front of the aluminium cold aisle have also been relocated to increase design attractiveness. This allows the aluminium cold aisle to have a smooth, seamless appearance focussed on the exceptional quality of the aluminium frame. The aim is to deliver a cold aisle containment system that will transform your data center with its modern appeal. Although a bottom bracket has been added for additional structural support, the bracket is not as noticeable as the accuride guide (a component used in previous models of the aluminium cold aisle). The bracket doesn’t rest over any of the openings, and overall the new aluminium cold aisle containment has minimal components on display.

Latest model of aluminium cold aisle containment doors

Aluminium cold aisle doors

Aluminium cold aisle containment: what’s on the horizon?

It’s certain there will be more enhancements to the aluminium cold aisle in future as Cross-Guard continues to adapt to client requirements and market demand. If you’re interested in seeing Cross-Guard’s aluminium cold aisle containment, the company will be showcasing the product again at the upcoming Data Centre World event, 11th – 12th March 2020 at the ExCeL London. You can visit Cross-Guard on stand D1180 for more information.

About Cross-Guard: manufacturer of the leading Coolgenic cold aisle containment brand

Cross-Guard offers a variety of different cold aisle containment solutions from steel cold aisle to aluminium cold aisle. The different cold aisle products form part of the Coolgenic cold aisle brand – a leading cold aisle containment brand that guarantees quality and proven data center cooling results. The difference between Coolgenic cold aisle containment and competitive products is the fact that Cross-Guard’s Coolgenic cold aisle systems are designed bespoke to you, exactly the way you need them.

Cross-Guard also offers a range of other security and containment products, including hot aisle containment, security caging and enclosures, server safes and other bespoke solutions. If you’d like further information on these products, please visit the main Cross-Guard website. To get in touch about Cross-Guard’s Coolgenic cold aisle, please email or call a member of the team on +44 (0)20 8108 9328.

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