Aisle containment – an updated report

Aisle containment report previously released 2016

Download current aisle containment report

In 2016, we released an initial report on aisle containment, both hot and cold aisle, on the main Cross-Guard website. This examined hot and cold aisle containment from a neutral point of view. As an installer of both aisle containment solutions, Cross-Guard has over 20 years of experience working alongside prestigious data centre companies across the globe, making the company an authority voice of knowledge within the industry.

Updated & re-branded aisle containment document

We have now revised and updated this report to include further relevant information and to re-brand the report in line with Cross-Guard’s new logo and image. As before, in this report, we take a pragmatic look at the drivers for data centre operators. This extends beyond the simply veneer of energy efficiency figures. We also remind readers of the findings from a live data centre study conducted by one of our clients when cold aisle containment was installed. The client, one of the world’s largest hosting companies, exemplifies in this study the core reasons why cold aisle remains a dominant choice for energy efficiency strategies across the globe. Click the image below to download the aisle containment report.

Updated aisle containment report

Aisle containment report cover
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