A testament to Cross-Guard’s cold aisle product installers

Cold aisle product

Cold aisle containment products and installation

Not only do we take pride in producing high-quality cold aisle products at Cross-Guard, we also take pride in providing excellent customer service, and a professional, friendly installation team. Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment products are available direct or installed by our specialist installers, who work around you to ensure efficient and discrete installation.

Cold aisle products installed specifically on client request

We see it as a testament to our cold aisle installation team that we were asked to install products for a client on behalf of a third-party supplier that also offered installation services. The client requested Cross-Guard’s installers for cold aisle products due to being impressed by the high level of service the team provided during a prior installation of Cross-Guard’s Connexions security cages.

The client, based in Italy, had ordered seven cold aisle products for installation in their data centre in a bid to drive return on investment and cost savings. Cold aisle containment systems enhance data centre cooling by preventing the mixing of warm and cold air. This results in extended IT equipment life, reduced energy consumption, and reduced carbon footprint.

A member of the Cross-Guard cold aisle product installation team said: “We really enjoy building and maintaining such great relationships with clients.

“Our clients’ needs always come first and we care about creating high-quality cold aisle products that we can install to a professional standard that enhances the data centre space.

“We’re trusted by our clients to give specialist advice and to complete all cold aisle projects to the highest standards. As a team, this means we take exceptional pride in our work.

“The fact one of our clients has specifically requested our installation team for cold aisle products over another supplier is testament to the service we provide.”

Continual cold aisle product enhancements

Cross-Guard continues to make enhancements to its own cold aisle containment product offering. The company offers a range of doors and roofs for the cold aisle product, including a premium aluminium cold aisle product, which is popular due to its aesthetic appeal. Cross-Guard has also added new additions such as the cold aisle FM-approved roof. If you’d like to find out more about the latest cold aisle product developments, you can call us on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or email sales@cross-guard.com.

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